Umbulan Water Supply Project

  • Location: East Java Province, Indonesia
  • PPP Scheme: BOT
  • Start: Dec. 2018
  • Concession Period: 25 years
  • Project value: 2.1 trillions of Rps (160MUSD)
  • Utilization : 1.3M population
  • Business Entity: PT Meta Adhya Trita

Project description:

To supply major cities in the East Java, namely Surabaya, Sidoarjo regency, Gresik, Pasuruan, the government of East Java initiated a transmission project of water supply from springs Umbulanin Pasuruan to 16 dams. The project was named Project Umbulan Water Supply System (SPAM Umbulan).

Umbulan SPAM project will deliver about 4m3/s. The raw water transmission pipeline from diameter 1000mm up to 1800mm is 97km long, with 2 pump houses with 16 offtake units and reservoirs in 5 cities.

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